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Individual, Family, Relationship, Trauma, Adolescent

Start Shaping Your New Life Today

If you ever come across any issues you may have in life, please come talk to me and I’ll help you out with individual therapy.

Individual Therapy

There are times in life when we can be overwhelmed by our circumstances and all that we need is someone to encourage us and accompany us on our journey. I believe we all have the ability to change and make better choices, but sometimes that is difficult to accomplish on our own.

That is what counseling offers.

I encourage and challenge my clients to be their best selves and to experience life to the fullest. With a supportive, non-judgmental approach, we will work together toward growth, validation, and self-discovery. I utilize a variety of theories and techniques to specifically fit each client’s needs and to reach their desired goals.

Family Therapy

No family is ever perfect and we all face problems in our homes. Sometimes the best way to clear things up and let it out into the open is by speaking with a family therapist. With my counseling sessions, I allow you and your loved ones to discuss issues in a controlled environment, to talk about the underlying causes and to learn skills and techniques to increase level of family functioning. If you’re interested in coming in, please give me a call at Carsten Counseling Services, PLLC to set up an appointment.

If your family is struggling, please come talk to me and I’ll help you out with family therapy.
If you and a loved one are not seeing eye to eye, please come talk to me and I’ll help you out with relationship therapy.

Relationship Therapy

Even in the best relationships, couples can have miscommunications and unmet or unspoken expectations. The key factor to why there might be so much tension between two people is because of their lack of communication. With my relationship counseling service, I can get to the root of the problem and allow you and your partner to have an open-ended discussion about what is going wrong. I want to help people heal their relationships with one another. Please come visit me for relationship counseling today and start experiencing a healthier relationship with your partner.

Trauma Therapy

Most individuals have been impacted at some point in their life with trauma. Whether that’s something as small as rejection or as large as abuse. We can handle instances such as physical, verbal, emotional or sexual abuse, along with PTSD. Sometimes the symptoms of these life events can be hard to explain, and we want to help you recognize the effects that even the smallest trauma can have on your ability to cope with life. EMDR Trained.

Please come talk to me if a past trauma is personally affecting you.
Please come talk to me if life is a constant battle for your teenager.

Adolescent Therapy

Young adults are still experiencing complex brain development while struggling to normalize daily life situations, peer group interactions and family dynamics. They are trying to discover who they are, what they believe, what their purpose is, all white transitioning into adulthood and increased responsibilities. They really just need someone to be on their side and assist them in learning positive coping skills. I can come along side them with logic from a neutral, reflective position and help ease the confusion and transition.

How It Works

Make the first appointment

It’s great that you feel brave enough to want to reach out! When you feel ready to take the next step call, text, or fill out the form below.

Come in to the office

The first appointment is simply an intake session, where we discuss things like family and relationship history, symptoms you may be experiencing, significant events, medication history and other topics you would like to cover.

Reach Your Goals

Therapy is a very collaborative experience. I will make suggestions based on our intake session, but I will not dictate what you need to do as far as schedule, frequency and exact steps. Feel free to come to each session with anything new that you would like to work through.

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